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Nawra is here to transform travel agencies to be well positioned to thrive in the new digital and social media age

without incurring the software development and resource costs, and of course all the
headache that goes with it!

We help you sell online and on social media while automating
your sales and support with Artificial Intelligence


million potential
Indo & Malay customers

Go to where your customers are, without spending $$$ on marketing


higher conversion
with AI bot

Engage every visitor and deepen the relationship


faster conversion
with AI bot

Address your customers questions instantly, build their trust, and get them to buy from you.


reduced in
administrative costs

Eliminate the chaos, streamline operations, payments, bookings, and document collection all in
one place

A complete plug & play sales system for the new digital &
social media age, empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Start selling across every online channel

  • Be accessible to 100s of millions of customers instantly
  • +80% higher sales conversion
  • Engage customers 24/7 in Indonesian, Malay and English
  • 3x faster sales conversion
  • Be instantly shareable and positioned for viral growth

+200 million customers

Automate customer support

  • Reduce +60% of customer tickets
  • Instant Responsiveness Delights Your Customers and improves your brand recognition
  • Gain Customer’s loyalty and make them spread your brand through word of mouth

Your modern website, app, and
a umrah special booking system

  • Reach online customers and develop your credibility with them
  • Automate group bookings for private and public groups
  • Fast Loading Website and App Means 4x More Customers
  • Push Notifications to Your Users To Remain On Their Mind
  • Works Offline, so your customers can still book in weak networks

Modern itinerary to impress your customers

  • Show your customers the limited inventory left to encourage them to buy
  • Making the details simpler will mean more customers buy
  • Highlight to your customers what’s included/not included instantly without spending your time

A flexible payment and
professional invoice

  • Offer multiple payment options to cater to every type of customer
  • A user-friendly check-out process gets more customers to buy
  • Send your customers your branded professional invoice that builds trust and puts customers at comfort
  • Enable customers to RSVP with down-payment and to ease the sale

Manage everything online
from one place

  • Complete analytics on your agency’s performance
  • Intuitive and simple CRM to address all customers needs
  • Automate payments validations and follow-up
  • Manage all your branches and staff in one place

Powerful features inside & more on the way!

Itinerary Builder

Create and demonstrate visually attractive itineraries that pulls in customers

Auto-follow up and
payment reminder

Automate customer follow-up to pay or to book to increase sales while reducing your staffing needs

Agent authorization

Enable and authorize agents in other regions and location to sell your packages online to increase your sales network


Auto-create a professional invoice that will impress your clients to share with them

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Let Nawra get your ahead of the competition and boost your profitability.

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We are devoted to empower those who are serving Umrah pilgrims with the latest technologies, purposed to augment the religious experience, and deliver a friction-less and spiritual customer experience. We don’t see ourselves as a technology arm as much as we see ourselves an experience enabler through the use of technology.